Productivity that grows with your clients

Your business may be getting more complex, but your workflow shouldn’t. Enterprise is built to seamlessly pivot between accounting tasks, at scale.

· Up to 30 simultaneous, full-access users and 1 million list items

· Anytime, anywhere access3 · Enhanced Payroll4 with unlimited paychecks

· Multi-entity combined reports

· Preferred rates for credit card payments

· Multi-currency

Business management
Advanced capabilities, accelerated potential

Enterprise doesn’t stop at accounting. With an array of advanced tools, you and your clients can streamline and manage their entire business in one place. · Advanced Inventory5: FIFO inventory costing, mobile barcode scanning, order tracking and management from a single dashboard · Advanced Reporting6: Over 200 custom and standard reports to give clients insight into taxes, job-costing, profitability, and more · Advanced Pricing7: Automated price changes for more control with less labor

The right tools for their job

You wouldn’t give a wrench to a lawyer or tracing paper to a plumber. With Enterprise, you can customize solutions for success in your industry.

· Custom user permissions for up to 115 activities and 14 pre-defined roles

· Unique Enterprise editions for: manufacturing, wholesale, contracting, accounting, professional services, nonprofit, and retail

· More than 200 third-party apps, integrated with QuickBooks

· Features · New in 20.0

· Advanced Inventory

· Advanced Pricing

· Advanced Reporting

· Hosting

· Field Service Management

· Order Management

· Technical Specs

Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition

Stay on track with Enterprise

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise for Manufacturing & Wholesale with Advanced Inventory*

has all the manufacturing software and accounting tools you need to keep you on track:

Manage sales orders from one dashboard.

Manage sales orders from start to finish from with Enhanced Pick, Pack, and Ship.* Plus streamline your order fulfillment process by combining pick and pack roles with Express Pick-Pack.*

Track inventory with ease.

Use mobile inventory barcode scanning* for receiving and picking that automatically syncs with QuickBooks. Track inventory between locations and transfer items from one place to another. Plus, track by serial, lot number, or bin location.*

Make better business decisions.

Special reports designed for manufacturers and wholesalers give you the insights you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Easily calculate the true cost of your products.

Landed Cost* accounting helps you identity the true cost of your products by factoring in things like freight, duties, and insurance so you can maintain the margins you need to stay profitable.

Update inventory in real time.

Cycle Count* helps reduce stocking errors and gives you a snapshot of inventory levels in real time from one central dashboard. Plus, you can take inventory without having to shut down your warehouse.

Pay employees quickly and easily.

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll* lets you create unlimited checks, use free direct deposit,* file payroll taxes,* and generate W-2s with no monthly fees. Or use our full service QuickBooks Assisted Payroll* and we’ll take care of your payroll tax payments and filings for you – guaranteed accurate and on-time.*

Real business. Real stories

Hear how manufacturing and wholesale businesses succeed with QuickBooks Enterprise.

Contractor Edition

Manage costs, track the bottom line

Your end-to-end solution for construction projects, from initial estimates to professional quotes to tracking throughout.

Keep your profits in place.

The customizable reporting features built into our contractor accounting software lets you stay on top of job costs and cash flow so you can stay profitable through project changes. Plus, payment optimization tools help you get paid faster. Develop accurate job costing estimates.

Inaccurate job costing can lead to lost profits, unhappy clients, and missed opportunities. Enterprise helps move construction projects from initial estimates to a clear, professional quote. Then it helps you manage costs throughout the project and track the bottom line. Learn more about job costing

Exceptional data capacity.

Are your vendor, customer, and item lists growing? Enterprise contractor software handles supersized data files with ease. And, you can work in two company files at once.*

Technical expertise not required.

You don’t have to be an accounting software expert to make Enterprise run smoothly for you. Your subscription to Enterprise includes access to U.S.-based product experts* to help you all along the way.

Expanded user access and connections to the field.

Increase productivity and accomplish essential tasks faster with simultaneous access for between 1 and 40 users.* Our Hosting Service* allows users to access your files from anywhere, any time* and you can connect remote workers with Field Service Management. Plus, with TSheets Elite, you’ll get reliable, mobile time tracking when your employees are in the field.*

Run your most critical reports with ease.

Advanced Reporting* puts the information you need at your fingertips. Find the right report fast with reports bundled for the contractor industry. Save time with templates auto-filled with your company information. Plus find answers to your reporting questions with our robust help portal.

Pay workers in a snap.*

With QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll,* you can create unlimited checks, use free direct deposit,* file payroll taxes,* and generate W-2s on your own – with no monthly fees. Or with full-service QuickBooks Assisted Payroll,* we’ll take care of your payroll tax payments and filings for you – guaranteed accurate and on-time.

Real business. Real stories.

Hear how contractors succeed with QuickBooks Enterprise.

Professional Services Edition

Unique business models call for unique solutions

Quickbooks Enterprise offers service businesses like yours a simple way to manage

billing, payments, and accounting functions

Create accurate job-costing estimates.

Create job cost estimates and run reports to see how projections compare to actual results for current projects. Quickly transform estimates to invoices inside or outside QuickBooks Enterprise.

Formulate detailed billing frameworks.

Assign different billing rates by client, project or service. Consolidated invoices will reflect billable amounts by hours worked, flat fee arrangements or a combination of both methods.

Track job progress and completion percentage.

At any point in time, service businesses can zero in on the progress and profitability levels of a particular project. Users can instantly determine if the engagement is scheduled to finish on time and if costs are expected to meet, exceed or fall below forecasted budgets.

Monitor cash flow.

The statement of cash flows allows service businesses to gauge the amount of revenue flowing in and out of the business in any particular time frame. Create cash flow projections to understand the impact of varying revenue forecasts on operations and profit.

Advanced user roles and permissions

Grow your business by delegating tasks without sacrificing control over user access. Set individual user permissions for every role, including payroll permissions. Predefined user role templates are included for fast setup